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Coloring Books for Adults are the new hot thing in the USA. (I'm writing in 2015.) The trend grew out of the Art Therapy movement which has been around for quite a while actually. I had a friend who was getting her Master's degree in Art Therapy in 1983 and she was telling me about it being a cool thing even then. (in terms of helping people) 

But now as time has gone on there has been much scientific study and it turns out that coloring has the same positive effect on the brain that meditating does and anyone can do it, so it has swept the nation. It doesn't hurt that there are so many new coloring books available to choose from either. I am so glad! 

Coloring Books by Heather Burns

I actually published two of my own coloring books this year. The first one is  geared towards children in the USA who are learning the State Flowers along with the State Flags and State Birds. So far I have done the flowers since botanical objects are my area of interest as an artist. I studied Ayurvedic Herbs and like to draw Herbs too, so am working on an Herbal one also, but for now the coloring book of the USA State Flowers is available at Amazon. You can find it here

My second one is a book of shells, called Shells From the Sea and I am getting feedback that people really like it. You can see it to the right, or here

But many people enjoy doing mandalas and landscape scenes so I will be adding some information about some of those kinds of coloring books as well. Enjoy!